Welcome To QwikiWiki!
If you can see this page, congratulations! You've successfully installed QwikiWiki and are ready to go. Here's what you need to do next:

1.Choose a unique administrator password and type it into _config.php.

2.Read the latest documentation about how to troubleshoot, use, customize, administer, and secure your QwikiWiki installation at www.qwikiwiki.com.

3.If you didn't do it already in the installation, consider joining QwikiWiki-Announce and QwikiWiki-Discuss, two mailing lists for QwikiWiki users. The first is a low-traffic broadcast list where I occasionaly send out the latest news and announcements relevant to the QwikiWiki community. The second is a many:many discussion list for QwikiWiki users to talk about their problems and offer their suggestions to other users.

4.And finally, drop me a line at dbarrett@quinthar.com if you have any trouble getting started, or just to show off your new QwikiWiki!

Thanks again for giving QwikiWiki a shot, and I look forward to hearing about your experience. In the meantime, write, experiment, and have fun with your new QwikiWiki!


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