For a young guy, I've moved around a bunch. I hope this doesn't mean I'm a flake, because I really think my move was well justified each time:

Barrett Enterprises ('04-?): Ok, that's not a real company. But once I leave NextPage I'm going to go into business for myself -- I hope! My first product will be a VoIP/video-conferencing application.

NextPage ('00-'02, '03-'04): I've done about everything but coding while at NextPage, and thus it's served as a hugely valuable educational environment. I did project management, product management, technical writing, support, testing, sales-calls, etc. NextPage focuses on enterprise software for content and document management.

UbiquityProject ('00-'00): This wasn't so much a company as a series of startup ventures that never got past PowerPoint presentations. However, it was a great time learning how to write and pitch a business plan.

Kewlminds ('00-'00): This disaster of a company I was only at for six weeks -- more than long enough to decide to leave. I was going to lead up client-side Java programming for a children's website.

Motorsims ('98-'00): Here I was lead 3D programmer from start to finish on a motorcycle racing simulation. I had a great time there, but decided it was time to go and learn about life outside engineering.

Intel ('97-'98): I worked with what became the PIII processor optimizing 3D graphics and collision-detection pipelines using floating-point vector-math instructions.

UoM College of Engineering ('96-'98): While in school I helped teach our gradute-level course on 3D graphics.

UoM Virtual Reality Lab ('94-'95): Starting the summer after my freshman year, I worked with the virtual reality lab doing basic AutoCAD modeling.

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