Biography Of David Barrett
I’ve long held the goal of leading my own game company, and as such have dedicated my career to acquiring the skills necessary to do so. However, there are no fixed lesson plans for such an education, so I’ve largely had to chart my own path.

I started with the simple goal of mastering technology development, but determined at my prime (lead 3D programmer on a shipping title, Motorsims) that technology was only part of the problem – and rarely the hardest.

Thus I left engineering and the game industry altogether in order to learn more about the whole process as an entrepreneur (UbiquityProject). Though not outwardly successful, I gained lots of “hard knocks” education about developing ideas, pitching business plans, and generally seeing the whole picture.

Deciding next to focus on improving my writing and communication skills, I begin technical writing (netLens) – with specific emphasis on design documentation and “chaos management”. After being offered to lead a five-man technical writing department (NextPage), I determined I was good enough in this area and (after a one-year trip around the world) refocused on product and project management.

I’m now project manager over 20 engineers at a software startup, where I manage schedule and optimize process for our development organization. I plan to lead an engineering team at the future, eitehr here or elsewhere, and all I've done and am doing is in training for that next big step.


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